Saturday, August 11, 2012


Comparing my work today with work in the family business, one of the things that was missing for me was ownership of projects. Ownership in the sense that I was never really given control. Responsibility — yes; control — no.

Being responsible but not in control (as in: "lead the team, but I'll tell them what to do") is not an easy place, and it adds to the already inharmonious setting that is a family business. When control is at the level of day-to-day decision making, it voids you of any real authority. And with no authority and no control (but plenty of responsibility), commitment to the end-goal becomes an issue. Commitment issues? Add another discord to the list...

I found out after leaving the business just how important that feeling of ownership actually is. It fosters commitment which is at the heart of good management and leadership. It drives you to do the best you can and deliver results.

I also learnt that it applies to life. I was responsible for mine, but not really in control. I didn't really own my life, instead I was living someone else's dream. When I left, I took ownership. My life finally became my own.

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