Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The rainmaker

Confronted with a hopeless situation, will you shrug your shoulders and move on? Or will you try and make a change, be a rainmaker?

I keep thinking about those scenes in animated movies where the hero stares over a barren landscape: dried up trees, withered flowers, no grass only dirt, hopelessness all around... But then she kneels and gently taps the ground with the tip of her finger. Suddenly, green ripples shoot-off from that spot on the ground, flowers pop up and blossom, trees flourish and the land is covered with grass as far as the eye can see. Hope is returned.

So, confronted with a hopeless situation, what would you do?

I think your better bet is tapping the ground/waving your wand/jumping up and down — whatever makes your magic happen. Even if you end up growing one flower it'll make the effort worth it.


  1. Do you ever wonder about how your Dad's legacy will be properly carried forward? Did you mend the relationship? What if your Dad's business were struggling, and he was seriously ill. How would you cope with making the move? My Dad almost died from a stroke late last year but he made an amazing recovery, and of course, he is very conscious now of his mortality. He want to leave a worthwhile business behind if he dies. I have worked with him for 11 years. He says he wants me to move on and be happy but then....my skills are necessary right now to keep it going. Plus he is working himself to death and he needs health care, but the finances are too low- I can't help. The business remains his most likely source of income at his age. In any case it is his legacy. I do not want him to work himself to death, but without this business will he have the will to live? I am anxious to move on with my life. But I do not see a way. I live in a tiny town with hardly any opportunities for someone in my field. I guess you have dealt with the issue of your Dad's legacy in leaving your family company. Mend the relationship if you haven't. It felt terrible when I thought he was gone last year. You can let me know what you think in my case.

    1. Mending the relationship will take a long time. Things were said and done that have left very deep scars (on both sides).
      Send me an email to TheLeaver [-at-sign-] LeavingTheFamilyBusiness [-.-] com, and I will be happy to stay in touch.