Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's never too late...

One thing I've learnt is that there is no time limit on getting a hold on your life and steering it to where you want it to go. I've also learnt that life tends to reward people who choose to follow their heart. It opens their eyes to the possibilities and opportunities out there and frees them to enjoy doing what they love. When you do what you love, all other things—fulfillment, happiness, even money—fall into place!

The thing is, though, that life tends to push you towards taking control. If we continue in the grind that is our unfulfilled life, ignoring the unhappiness we feel, excusing the miserableness in our gut, life will continue to challenge us (read: smack us in the face). You can continue to ignore this, but it never goes away. Being unhappy is a feeling that sinks in deep.

If you feel it's time for a change, make it happen. Start by drafting your plan, put it down on paper. Review it, refine it. Be as prepared as you can be, and then, when you feel the time is right, just go for it. Take control of your life, follow your heart...

It's never too late.


  1. I came across your blog as I was searching the web for a way to deal with leaving a family business. It is harder than I ever imagined and am hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel...if I make it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.

    1. Hi there, and thanks for your comment. Please feel free to drop me a line, I am more than glad to help: theleaver [curly-thing]

      Good luck!