Sunday, January 22, 2012


With your CV ready you're probably thinking about interviewing, and when would be a good time to start. In my case, I decided to give it 2 months. But looking back it was not enough — it didn't allow for trial and error and it made every interview a critical one.

So, here are a few points to help plan the job interview tactic. (By the way, to those of you who think that having good interviewing experience makes you a good interviewee, I say: think again!)

  • Finding a job takes time.
    If you are required to serve a long notice period to the business, your future employer may have planned for your postponed availability and may be willing to wait for a month or so while you tie the loose ends.
    Also, passing the first interview doesn't guarantee the job. In most cases you'll have to go through a series of interviews (I went through 4 to get my current job) which can take some time.

  • Like in software, a successful version release requires good QA.
    Before going to the places that you want to get accepted to, try a few that you wouldn't mind failing in... Take your Interview v1.0 software and test it — practice. You'll get better and better with every round, and once you've reached v3.0 you'll be ready to go after the ones that matter.

  • You need the feedback.
    Coming from a family business you've probably never been job-interviewed before. Listening to people's/the interviewer's feedback will teach you a lot. Don't loose heart when you get bad feedback (and you probably will) because it is the most important feedback. It'll make you stronger and more prepared and it can go a long way in helping you hone your job aspirations.

  • ALWAYS be thankful.
    Generosity is a state of mind and you should adopt it. Whatever feedback you get, be thankful and don't be afraid to express it. Even if you are getting "slapped", be appreciative because you've just received a lesson and it was free, so say thank you.

To sum it all up: Start early enough to allow trial; practice before you play in the big leagues; be generous; and always—but always—be positive and stay focused. You'll do just fine!

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