Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just when you think you're maxed out...

Life serves you another overwhelming challenge.

We could be seriously pressured at work, seriously pressured at home, millions of little problems swarming around in our head, when all of a sudden we're "hit" with another challenge. A challenge that makes everything else seem like child's play.

I've trained myself to become "super-focused" when this happens. I analyze every aspect of the challenge at hand, facing it head on. I have learnt from experience that there is no other way. (Saying "why me?!" and sulking won't get you anywhere productive...)

It's interesting, though, how we are always surprised that we are capable of taking it on. Yes—it's hard, but we find ways to manage...

The thing is that life has a tendency to push us past our limits, forcing us to learn and define new ones. We become capable of dealing with bigger challenges. We grow up. Which is why challenges should be looked at with (at least some) positivity.

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