Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taking stock (8 months into leaving...)

8 months... It actually seems like a lot more...

I served notice back in January 2010, then left in October. So I think it is fitting that 18 months later, I should give you an update on how things are going for me.

Let me start with the positive: I feel wonderful, and I wake up in the morning with a smile eager to take on the day. As I keep saying: freedom is priceless!

Now for the tough stuff...

Leaving the business had a serious financial toll and as would be expected when leaving a highly-paid position, the mortgage and monthly bills become a "little" to hefty. The thing is, I come from a very rich family, which made leaving all the more difficult. But once I decided to leave, the "rich" (and family) left me. And so we ended up selling our house and moving to a more affordable location.

I spent 6 months job-hunting to find a job that pays me less than half what my family-business-salary was.

On top of this, the families broke apart and we were no longer part of the "business family".

Fun, eh?

I am not trying to get you down here. Really, I'm not. Keep in mind that I started by saying that I couldn't be happier.

The trick? If you let yourself find it, there is always a silver lining:
  • Our new home turned out to be a great step forward in quality of life. We love it for so many reasons.
  • Even though I am earning less, I can't wait to get to work in the mornings. Yes – it's amazingly interesting, but more importantly I get to create real relationships with people (without the "I'm the son of the owner" feelings), and I do work that matters.
  • On a personal level, I have become a better and more relaxed father and husband.

Like everything in life, leaving was a lesson. A lesson in growing up, in becoming more self-worthy, in being a better father and husband and in finding my own way. I can safely say that I'd do it all over again if I had to.

Remember: stay positive, stay focused and look for the silver lining. It's there.

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